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Deep Down  Dr Whitney

Dr. Whitney Kimball is the recipient of The Early Graduate Student Researcher Award and was recognized as one of the best psychologists in the country.  She has the look, the money, the house, and she did it all on her own.  She was what little girls dreamed of becoming until the truth was revealed.

In this Greatest Love Companion Novel, we will see Whitney pull from Deep Down in her spirit to overcome the demons of her past and will she recognize love when it is offered to her?

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Betrayal, family drama, romance, and scandals—is there anything better? The characters of The Greatest Love will attest that the answer to that question is a resounding no.
Genevieve Woods, an award-winning Amazon Best Seller, gives you all the drama you could want with the collected volumes of the best-selling Greatest Love Series.

Be prepared to be moved by emotions ranging from anger to sensual pleasure as you take the journey with six couples searching for love and redemption.
*** This books contains the five books of The Greatest Love Series. The plot and scenes are enhanced with editing and slight changes. ***

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Don't you just love a book that takes you on such a journey where you actually forget you're reading a book? That's what Love Again did for me. Not just the first page but the first words and BOOM I was completely emersed within the story. Genevieve did a masterful job of showing a love so deep between Pastor Titus and Pearl that had me all choked up - and that was the beginning of the book! Only to turn around and do it again! Once in a lifetime love, maybe. Twice....never, but it happened. If you believe in love paired with a strong man of faith then Love Again is a must read!

All I'll Ever Ask

Book 1 in The Greatest Love Series

After Church  Genevieve D Woods Final Co

Book 2 In the Greatest Love Series

Dawn and Autumn

Book 3 In the Greatest Love Series

Just Be Held

Book 4 In the Greatest Love Series

The Conclusion

Book 5 In the Greatest Love Series

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