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Genevieve D. Woods was born in the South and considers herself a true Southern girl. She is an avid reader of all genres and has a great love of music, which, if you pay close attention, you’ll see come through in her writing.

Genevieve is the bestselling author of the Greatest Love Series. All I’ll Ever Ask, After Church, Dawn and Autumn, Just Be Held, and The Conclusion consistently hold steady in the top 50 books in African American Christian Fiction on with Just Be Held debuting at #2. With the release of the fifth book, Genevieve’s Greatest Love Series reached its conclusion; however, she will be following some of your (and her) favorite characters as they move forward in their lives.

In September 2016, Genevieve released the first of several mini-series that have become a part of her free web series posted on her website and GDWOODSBOOKS Club via Facebook.  These stories have been such a hit that she’s collected the first set of mini-stories, It Won’t Prosper: A Parable on Infidelity in Marriage, into a novella, available as an e-book and in print, which was edited from its original web posts and includes bonus material not available anywhere else. Love Again, Genevieve’s second web mini-series, became so popular that Genevieve started working on it offline. Once completed, it was a full novel. Love Again debuted at number one as an Amazon Best Seller!

GDWOODSBOOKS Club is Genevieve’s growing book club that meets monthly, virtually on Facebook and in person. The goal of Genevieve’s book club is to give back to the community and support other authors.  To learn more about GDWOODSBOOKS go to

In regards to her characters, Genevieve writes flawed characters that do not always start out on the right path—they fall down, they curse, they have physical and verbal altercations, they do not deny their flesh. But through the suffering of their Heavenly Father, they find redemption and happiness (in most cases).  Genevieve doesn’t always agree with her character’s actions, but she allows them to follow their paths.

Genevieve lives in Memphis, TN with her husband, three children, and a Shi-Tzu that thinks he’s one of the kids. She attributes her success in writing to Christ first, but also the unwavering support of her husband.  She describes him as “a solid rock, my muse, the second lover of my soul, and the only lover of my body. I adore him.”

You can find Genevieve at, Amazon, Facebook, Google+.




June 23, 2018

What's coming up

​Summer, Fall, and Winter GDWOODSBOOKS will attempt to release four books by February 2019.  That's all while being a wife, mother, career, and college student.  With all things God is possible.


Coming Soon:

Love Eternally

Kalee's Secret Love

Autumn's Redemption

Dr. Whitney Story

Love Saw it ( An Owens Family Drama)

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